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"Beach Hero" (French: "Zig ce Héros") is the second episode from season two of Zig & Sharko and the eightieth episode overall. It was written by Hugo Gittard and storyboarded by Cédric Dietsch.

In this episode, Zig becomes a hero to Marina and all the beachgoers after unintentionally saving a little crab, so he uses this new-found popularity to reverse the roles and make Sharko look like the bad guy.


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Official Description

"When Zig unintentionally rescues a little crab and becomes a hero to Marina and all the beach people, he uses this new-found popularity to reverse roles and make Sharko look like the bad guy."




  • When we first see the little crab in line to the trampoline, his hat is brown as opposed to blue.
  • When Sharko hits a seagull as he's falling, some of the flies on his face disappear for a few frames.
  • As Marina picks up Zig to hug him, part of her hair disappears for a few frames.
  • When Zig is greeting back all the beachgoers and gives a thumbs up to someone with his left hand, the fingers on that hand are incorrectly colored.
  • When Sharko pretends to shake hands with Zig, the latter's belly is colored the same as his fur.
  • As the little monkey walks away after being given ice cream by Zig, his lower jaw becomes brown for a few frames.
  • Sharko's tongue is colored red instead of pink several times throughout the episode:
    • When he is screaming as he notices that the little crab is about to eat ice cream;
    • When he sees Zig delivering ice cream on a truck;
    • Right after Marina runs away from him.
  • The little crab's ice cream that Sharko throws on the floor disappears when the shark goes to take the other kid's ice creams.
  • Marina's starfish can be seen on the left side of her head several times throughout the episode:
    • When she is about to eat ice cream, before Sharko stops her;
    • When she is laying down on the giant bun as Zig puts condiments on her;
    • When she pops out of the giant sandwich to demand Zig to save the beachgoers in danger, before he closes her inside it again;
    • When she is cheering with the other beachgoers after Sharko saves Zig and the little crab.
  • After Zig cleans the sand out of Marina's hair, his eyelids are the same color as the rest of his fur, as opposed to dark brown.
  • When the beachgoers walk away from Sharko after the ice cream misunderstanding, the crab dad's glasses turn into sunglasses.
  • When Zig is seen turning the giant TV off with a remote, his nose does not have the shiny light reflection that it usually does.
  • Zig can't swim in this episode, even thought he could in several others prior.




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