"Catch a Falling Star" is the thirtieth episode of Season 2 of Zig & Sharko. It is the 118th episode overall.


Background Characters


Marina loses the little starfish she wears in her hair. Bernie falls madly in love with the little creature. The mermaid is distraught as she turns the beach upside down looking for it. But Bernie will do anything to keep his sweetheart...


  • This is the first appearance of Gorilla.
  • The giant piranha(made out of several smaller piranhas stacked on each other) from "A Mysterious Guest" makes a reappearance.
    • Also, when Zig runs out of the pond, the way the piranhas attack him is similar to how they did it in "Fishing for Hyenas".


  • In the first shot of the episode, Zig and Sharko are seen running past the male dolphin and the seal, but a mere few seconds later, Sharko is seen stomping both of them.



Zig & Sharko ⭐Catch a falling star ⭐(S02E30) Full Episode in HD

Zig & Sharko ⭐Catch a falling star ⭐(S02E30) Full Episode in HD