The following is a list of episodes in the Zig and Sharko series.

Episode list

This is the list of episodes from Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

Season 1

# Title Synopsis Happy Ending Characters
1 2 3 Fishy Story Zig tries every trick in the book to reach, cook and eat Marina, the mermaid. But no matter how smart his schemes are, Sharko keeps outsmarting him. Coming Soon!
Desert Island Drought Zig slaps a cannon together out of magnifying glass, converting sunlight to a super powerful laser beam. He inadvertently tries it on a gorilla, who jumps on the hyena. During the ensuing battle, the laser is accidentally aimed at the sea... Marina
King Neptune's Court While off jogging, King Neptune spots Marina and falls head over heels in love with her. Marina is rather flattered...but as far as Sharko is concerned, no way is that Don Juan of the seas going to hang around his beloved mermaid! Coming Soon!
4 5 6 The Slick Zig accidentally causes an oil spill during an attempt to catch Marina, stranding Marina on her rock. Bernie then tries to clean up the oil. Coming Soon!
Treasure Island Tricks Sharko builds a luxurious mansion after finding buried treasure. Coming Soon!
Cold Snap A snow storm hits the island and pretty soon, everything is frozen over. An ice floe has even formed in the lagoon, isolating Marinas rock. Since Sharko is stuck in the ice, Zig is home free in order to nab his mermaid! But someone has the same idea... Coming Soon!
7 8 9 Mermaid's Pups Zig tries fishing Marina, using a pearl as bait. But instead, he hooks onto Bernie's shell...and swings him onto the mermaid's lap. Marina sees Bernie as a kind of sea poodle and carries him home. Coming Soon!
Work in Progress In the aftermath of a fight between Sharko and a sperm whale, Marina’s house is reduced to rubble. Marina curtly orders the shark to rebuild her house, exactly as it was. Sharko being a real loser when it comes to building, this is gonna be fun…  Coming Soon!
Cruising In order to catch the mermaid, Zig begins to build a whole series of vessels. Starting with the simplest raft, he works his way up to a huge aircraft carrier. Sharko knocks his teeth out trying to get rid of it. Zig is now just inches from his prey...  Coming Soon!
10 11 12 The Mermaid in the Sky The mermaid dreams of being a stewardess. Sharko hijacks a seaplane and showing off, cruises in to pick up his honey. He does a whole series of cool aerial tricks in order to impress her...  Coming Soon!
A Lovesick Survivor A castaway lands on the island. Famished, he is getting ready to barbecue Zig for dinner when suddenly, he hears the mermaid singing. He immediately falls head over heels in love with her. Sharko and Zig will have to get rid of this intruder…  Coming Soon!
Digging Deep Zig decides to dig a tunnel under the lagoon, leading from his island to the mermaid’s rock. After one failed attempt, Zig decides to use Bernie and his pincers as a drill. But the subsoil of a desert island is full of surprises…  Coming Soon!
13 14 15 Waterski Hit! In a people mag, Marina sees a photo of celebrities water skiing. She would love to try out this fun looking sport. In a blink, she has her water skis pulled by Sharko-as-motor-boat. Zig decides that he will take up water skiing too and nab the mermaid… Coming Soon!
Nurse Marina Zig has thrown out his back and can no longer move. His shrieks of pain draw Marina over to the island. She scurries over and manages to straighten out his back then leaves. Zig invents all sorts of illnesses to get her to come back… Coming Soon!
Hundreds of Kids and Counting Bernie adopts hundreds of cute little abandoned baby hermit-crabs. He builds them a little playground where they can hang out and play. But when Zig shows up to nab a few little toddlers for dinner, they don’t turn out to be quite that cute… Coming Soon!
16 17 18 The Submarine Zig and Bernie discover a submarine that has washed up on the island. A little paint job and bingo, they have disguised the submarine as a…big fish. The ideal camouflage for getting close to the mermaid. But maneuvering a submarine is not quite easy…  Coming Soon!
A Tale of Two Legs Zig and Bernie discover a whole bunch of objects in an abandoned cabin. Amongst the stuff, there is a mannequin with legs intact. They use it to lure Marina onto the island. The mermaid shows up to meet the « human » castaway...  Coming Soon!
Little Shrimp Buddy Zig becomes infatuated with a little shrimp who is amazingly strong so he sends him on a mission to capture the mermaid. Bernie has been demoted to doing all the dirty work and he is jealous as hell. So he sabotages all of the little shrimp’s plans.  Coming Soon!
19 20 21 The Horribly Hungry Hyena Sharko invites Marina out for a romantic evening in a restaurant on a platform in the middle of the sea. Zig as usual, does everything he can to catch the mermaid. Sharko’s efforts to sabotage Zig’s plans have not the effects that he had hoped for… Coming Soon!
Volcano Turbo On the island, the volcano has started erupting. This gives Zig an idea. He is going to harness the volcano’s powerful blast as a source of energy in order to build a machine that will hurl anything (including himself) onto the mermaid’s rock… Coming Soon!
Lighthouse The island is covered in a thick blanket of fog. A gigantic lighthouse has been built in the middle of the lagoon, preventing Zig from being able to see his mermaid. Zig decides to demolish it but the lighthouse keeper doesn't agree...  Coming Soon!
22 23 24 Bamboozled A freighter runs aground on the beach. Zig and Bernie rush over and start rummaging through its cargo: bamboo…thousands of bamboo sticks and poles! They are going to invent a thousand and one ways of using the bamboo to catch the mermaid.  Coming Soon!
Blown Up! The freighter runs aground on the beach again. A cargo of inflatable objects comes tumbling out. In order to catch Marina, Zig tries them all out: inflatable life preservers, mattresses and armchairs. Coming Soon!
Silly Builders A freighter washes up on the island with a cargo of Lego type bricks. Zig is going to build a thousand and one objects to help him grab the mermaid. In the end, it’s Bernie who builds the most impressive and efficient “trap”… Coming Soon!
25 26 27 The Manic Mermaid Another mermaid suddenly shows up in the lagoon. Marina is none too happy about this intruder. Sharko gets all confused, he doesn’t know which is which and Zig takes advantage of the confusion in order to grab at least one of the mermaids…  Coming Soon!
Aqua Golf Marina is playing golf with Sharko. Zig discreetly slips onto the golf course. Zig’s attempts to catch Marina are mostly just going to allow the mermaid to beat Sharko. Zig of course, turns out to be the big loser… Coming Soon!
The Island Tour Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
28 29 30 Moby Zig The lagoon is invaded by whales. Sharko tries to get rid of them. Marina wants to protect them. And Zig uses them as stepping-stones to go get the mermaid. But his attention slips for a second and he gets swallowed by one of the whales… Coming Soon!
Santa Zig It’s Christmas! Zig decides to dress up as Santa Claus and deliver a present to Marina (and grab her at the same time). But with his coconut palm sleigh and seals instead of reindeer, discretion is not the first word that comes to mind… Coming Soon!
Saving Mermaid Marina Marina finds herself caught in the old pool at the end of the island. While trying to save her, Sharko gets an electric shock, which temporarily deprives him of the use of his fins. Zig takes advantage of the situation to try and catch Marina … Coming Soon!
31 32 33 Silly Sleight of Hand Zig finds a magician’s trunk washed up on the beach and discovers that, with a twist of the magic wand, he can make anyone disappear. The missing people and animals reappear in the magician’s hat. Zig decides to use it to discreetly kidnap Marina… Coming Soon!
Hammerhead Cousin Sharko has to go on a short trip, and so as to not leave Marina alone, he calls on his cousin, a hammerhead shark with little in the brain department. With such a dumb bodyguard, catching the mermaid is going to be a cinch. Uh, don’t count on it... Coming Soon! 
Sharko Hunting A Japanese whaling ship tries to catch Sharko, which is A-OK with Zig, who is not only going to help them, but of course take advantage of their presence in order to catch the mermaid…with no success of course… Coming Soon!
34 35 36 The Challengers A male manta ray has come to the lagoon for a stroll. Marina is not immune to the charm of this big hunk who is putting the move on her. Super jealous, Sharko quickly shows up on the scene. Zig takes advantage of the situation in order to kidnap her… Coming Soon!
Birthday Party It's Marina's birthday and the perfect opportunity for Zig to entice her to the island by organizing a party for her. Sharko, who had forgotten her birthday, decides to invite himself along. Coming Soon!
The Coach A magnificent jaguar shows up on the beach and Zig immediately ingratiates himself. The proud and extremely pretentious predator coaches Zig to turn him into a forbidding brute. But of course the hyena's not a great learner. Coming Soon!
37 38 39 Frozen Island Marina fantasizes about winter sports. Sharko transforms the volcano into a ski resort. Zig is delighted: this is an incredible opportunity! Learning to ski doesn’t come easily to Marina - Zig goes for her whenever he gets a chance… Coming Soon! 
At Your Service Marina wants a butler. Sharko’s okay with this. 3 candidates including Zig turn up for recruitment. Zig sabotages his colleague’s efforts to get the position himself. Zig gets the job, but Sharko is keeping a close eye on the mermaid … Coming Soon!
Freedom for Marina! A Human Being fishes up the mermaid…and takes her to an aquatic zoo! At first, Marina is delighted to discover the world of humans, but she soon gets bored. Sharko and Zig have to join forces to free Marina and bring her back home… Coming Soon!
40 41 42 Marina's New Friend Marina is depressed and bored. She’s so miserable Zig loses his appetite for her. Sharko suggests a deal to Zig : a way to put the smile back on Marina’s face. They play clowns, perform numbers with help from Bernie. Coming Soon!
The Fan Sharko has a fan, a little piranha. The shark takes him everywhere and even leaves him with Marina for a while. The fan seizes that chance to take Sharko’s place. And that’s something Sharko does not appreciate... Coming Soon!
The Ghastly Ghost Marina wakes a pirate’s ghost – who promptly moves in with her. She thinks he’s funny at first, but the pirate soon wears out his welcome. How can you lay hands on a ghost and get rid of him? Fortunately, the pirate has a hermit-crab phobia… Coming Soon!
43 44 45 Sea's Up The lagoon’s waters suddenly rise and almost entirely engulf the island. Sharko and Marina take advantage of this to visit the island but Marina gets lost. She leaves a trail of coconuts behind so Sharko can find her, but Bernie outwits her… Coming Soon!
Fairground Follies! Zig has an idea : he’ll set up a funfair and snatch Marina in the rides. Marina is thrilled. Sharko spends his time trying to save her from disaster.  Coming Soon!
Zig's Jumbo Friend A cargo ship crashes on the island with an elephant on board. Zig has a zillion ideas of how to capture the mermaid thanks to his new oversized ally. The elephant, however, soon gets fed up with the hyena’s hysterical plans and balks… Coming Soon!
46 47 48 Bottom's Bottom Zig and Sharko sink into a crevice and land in an extraordinary world: the abyss! They soon find themselves in a little village which they explore, avid with curiosity. A "police-fish" arrests them for vagrancy, and they're locked up. Coming Soon!
Babysitting Marina is given a little octopus to take care of. A festival of mishaps begins - this little guy on eight “feet” grabs anything he can reach. Zig makes the most of Sharko’s absence to stalk Marina, but ends up being martyred by the little octopus. Coming Soon!
Caution, Genius at Work! When a freighter runs aground (again!) Zig is dismayed to find only an ancient book in the hold. It turns out to be da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus - full of technical diagrams for his brilliant inventions. If only Zig had that Renaissance genius … Coming Soon!
49 50 51 Goin' Home Zig decides to move to Kenya in order to be among other hyenas like him, but the African lifestyle is not as easy as he thinks. Meanwhile, Sharko misses Zig, and gets depressed. Coming Soon!
Sharko and his Folks Sharko finally decides to declare his love to Marina. But when he pulls out the engagement ring he plans to give her, his parents show up for a surprise visit! Not easy for Sharko to present his adored Mermaid to these two… Coming Soon!
Calamity Camping Marina and Sharko go on holiday… to a campsite. Marina is disappointed: she would have preferred a five-star hotel. Guess who their neighbours are? Zig and Bernie! Poor Sharko who was looking forward to a laidback vacation… Coming Soon!
52 53 54 Magical Jellyfish Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Boo... Who! Sharko has a chronic case of hiccups. He sets out in search of someone who can cure him. But he’s the one who terrifies other creatures in the lagoon. So he entrusts Zig with the task, but Sharko’s a very tough case... Coming Soon!
Super Zig Bernie decides to boost Zig’s morale by making him into a super hero. What a challenge! Coming Soon!
55 56 57 The Tiny Tyrant Bernie concocts a magic potion to make you incredibly strong… but keeps it for himself. He wields his new power over Zig, over Sharko, even over Neptune. In short: he’s the STRONGEST of them all! Is there any way to get him step off the throne? Coming Soon!
Coral Reef Cowboys Zig and Sharko chase after each other on ‘sea-horse back’. Zig is knocked out after a fight. When he regains consciousness and heads back to Marina’s villa, everything has changed: he’s in a western!… Coming Soon!
The King's Highway Neptune wants to build a road to his tennis court, but his plan cuts right through Marina and Sharko's house. Coming Soon!
58 59 60 Fancy Footwork Marina wants legs more than anything and one night her wish is granted by a fairy. But soon Marina realizes that her dream is more of a nightmare! She can't walk properly, can't swim anymore, etc. If only things could be like they were before! Coming Soon!
Origami A cargo ship runs aground on the beach. Reams and reams of paper are on board. Zig and Bernie are busy making all sorts of origami stuff before you know it. Of course, whatever they make is some kind of mermaid-trap... Coming Soon!
Me, Myself and I Zig and Shrako have an unfortunate encounter with an electric eel, and somehow their personalities are inverted: Zig finds himself in Sharko’s skin, and vice-versa. What now? Coming Soon!
61 62 63 War of the Clones Bernie comes up with a few Zig-clones. These replicas get hammered in Zig's place but always come back empty-handed. Before long, a horde of uncontrollable clones has invaded the lagoon – and things go crazy. Coming Soon!
Save the Hyena! When Marina takes up lifeguard duty on the beach, Zig pretends to drown in order to get her attention. Coming Soon!
Bristlebeard's Adventure Cap’n Bristlebeard, the fierce pirate, drops anchor in the lagoon. He captures Marina as a model for his figurehead. When Zig sees Marina on the ship’s prow, he tries to join the crew so he can get close to his prey… Coming Soon!
64 65 66 The Noble Knights of the Lagoon Zig and Bernie build a sand castle… but in real proportions! A medieval tournament is organised, and Sharko and Zig compete for Princess Marina. Coming Soon!
Troublemakers King Neptune decides to build a marina in the lagoon. Tourists are not fond of sharks, so Neptune gets rid of Sharko by throwing him into the dungeon. Soon Marina, Zig and Bernie are overrun with yacht-men. They decide to liberate Sharko...  Coming Soon!
Marina Superstar Neptune hears Marina singing, and has her record a CD. The record is a success. Marina goes on tour to sing in front of her fans. Zig and Sharko are miserable while she’s away, for their respective reasons, of course. Marina
67 68 69 The Were-Yena Every time he eats a banana, Zig changes into a “were-yena” for a while and attacks the mermaid to eat her, of course. And Sharko tries to stop him, as usual. Only this time, he has a far more powerful Zig to deal with… Coming Soon!
Loony Cruise Marina and Sharko board a luxury liner for a cruise disguised as humans… Zig and Bernie join as stowaways. When Sharko’s identity is discovered, all humans leave ship. Bernie is assigned to the helm, while the usual chase takes place on board. Coming Soon!
Lightning Love Zig gets hit with a lightning bolt on the head… when he comes to, he’s convinced that Sharko is his mom! Marina finds that’s really cute but the shark is in no mood for hyena cuddles... Sharko
70 71 72 Bernie Moves House An underwater volcanic eruption gives birth to a second island. Bernie, who has had an argument with Zig, decides to move there. While Zig has to fend for himself, Bernie builds a dream house, and parties it up with Sharko and Marina… Coming Soon!
Hair Story Marina’s getting dolled up for a visit to the opera. Alas, her Octopus-Hairdresser cuts half her hair off by mistake! She has to find a wig, fast! Sharko whizzes to the island and shaves every creature he meets. But the only fur she fancies is Zig’s…  Coming Soon!
Space Fruits Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
73 74 75 Zig Taxi-Driver Zig builds a taxi pedal-boat – what a nice idea, Marina just dreams of going shopping in a taxi! Zig takes her in his cab. Sharko jumps into an identical taxi-boat and goes after her. All of them pause in various shops and exchange cabs along the way. Marina
Cop Duty Marina, who feels that there’s just too much injustice going unchecked on the island, declares that Sharko will be the new local police officer. The shark takes his new job very seriously and gives out tickets right fin and left...  Sharko
Goofy Astronauts A ship which happens to be a floating launch-pad for a space rocket drops anchor in the lagoon. Curious but unwise, our friends climb inside to explore…and shoot into space by mistake. They are accompanied by a crazy astronaut who uses Sharko as a guinea-pig for various scientific experiments. Coming Soon!
76 77 78 Fisherman's Catch A trawler replete with its fisherman arrives in the lagoon and starts raking the seabed to get some scallops. Sharko tells the intruder to take a powder. But the said intruder chases off the shark by playing his Breton bagpipes... Coming Soon!
The Return of the Crazy Dolphin After a new series of unsuccessful attempts to make off with the mermaid, Zig decides to drop the whole thing and become a vegetarian. Even the wildest, most far-out inventions of Bernie aren’t enough to prod him back into action... Coming Soon!
Toys Attack! A cargo ship runs aground on the beach, its hold loaded with toys. Zig will turn them into inventions so he can get his mermaid : a spinning top becomes a propelling device, a croquet set, used as weapons, soap bubbles and even a giant robot… Zig and Sharko

Season 2

# Title Synopsis Happy Ending Characters
79 80 81 What a Day!! Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Beach Hero When Zig unintentionally rescues a little crab and becomes a hero to Marina and all the beach people, he uses this new-found popularity to reverse roles and make Sharko look like the bad guy. Coming Soon!
Back to Civilisation Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
82 83 84 Father in Law Poseidon comes to visit his daughter. Sharko is under pressure to make a good impression. But Poseidon doesn't think the shark is worthy of his daughter. Sharko is devastated. Zig and Bernie offer to help him... Coming Soon! 
Stuffed Animals Just as he is about to catch Marina, Zig becomes the favorite plaything for a baby dolphin who was inconsolable after losing his plush toy. It's hard for Sharko to watch over Marina: the little brat is glued to Zig and Marina forgives his every whim... Coming Soon!
Zig Airlines Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
85 86 87 Castle Life Zig and Bernie sneak inside Marina's sandcastle and lock Sharko outside, but the mermaid's hospitality distracts Zig from his main goal. Coming Soon!
Mermaid Fritter Bernie tricks Zig into thinking he's eaten Marina, and now has to keep her away from him. Coming Soon!
A Mysterious Guest Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
88 89 90 End of the World Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Let's Dance!! A night club opens at the edge of the beach! And since Marina loves to dance, Zig takes advantage to track the mermaid to the sound of the music, much to Sharko's dismay. Let’s dance! Coming Soon!
Sea, Surf and Fun Marina is suddenly crazy for surfing? Alright. Better learn how to ride the waves. For either Zig or Sharko, keeping up with the mermaid will take some work. Coming Soon!
91 92 93 Bad Hair Day Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Fishing for Hyenas Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Run Sharko, Run! Marina gets Sharko a new pair of sneakers for him to run the upcoming marathon with, both of which turn out to be way too small for his feet. Coming Soon!
94 95 96 The Conquistador While Zig and Sharko are busy fighting, a conquistador, fresh off his galleon, shows up on the beach. When he sees Marina he thinks that bringing her back and displaying her in an aquarium could make him rich... Coming Soon!
Game Over...Not! Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Spick and Span It's cleaning day in the castle! Zig and Bernie take advantage to offer their services as cleaners...And if Sharko wants to protect Marina he'll have to do some cleaning too!  Coming Soon!
97 98 99 A Whistle for Sharko To neutralize Sharko and catch the mermaid, Zig and Bernie offer him the perfect lifeguard's kit with a golden board and whistle! But Sharko takes his role so seriously that catching the mermaid is impossible... Coming Soon!
Bionic Zig In order to defeat Sharko, Bernie gives Zig bionic body parts. Coming Soon!
Sharko and Zig on the Rocks Zig and Sharko come up with the ultimate fruit cocktail and decide to open a snack bar on the beach. Business is great until Marina shows up...  Coming Soon!
100 101 102 The Master of the Volcano Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Let's Get Fit! Zig and Bernie turn the castle into a spa full of traps for the mermaid. Marina is delighted. Sharko will have to keep up. Coming Soon!
It's Magic! Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
103 104 105 A Sweet Tooth Zig uses Marina's addiction to candy in order to lure her into his clutches, while Sharko tries to snap her out of it before she gets a cavity. Coming Soon!
The Scent of the Hyena Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Bodyguard The beach people are attacked by a masked assailant who sprays everyone with ink. Marina takes the threat seriously and when Zig offers to protect her she's delighted. Sharko isn't pleased at all. But who is this mysterious "squirter" anyway?  Coming Soon!
106 107 108 Self-Defense Academy Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
A Generous Mermaid Zig has finally caught Marina and brought her to the cargo plane...At last! But the mermaid isn't afraid of him. She's concerned that Zig and Bernie live in such horrible conditions. And she's going to take care of them! Coming Soon!
Catch a Falling Star Marina loses the little starfish she wears in her hair. Bernie falls madly in love with the little creature. The mermaid is distraught as she turns the beach upside down looking for it. But Bernie will do anything to keep his sweetheart... Coming Soon!
109 110 111 Lousy Beach Drivers Sharko has a romantic idea: he and Marina will drive in a luxurious car and picnic alone as they take in a beautiful view, like those couples on the covers of dime novels! But then Zig and Bernie get involved... Coming Soon!
A Relative Problem Zig is excited at having his cousins over for a visit...until he realizes they find the mermaid appetizing too! Coming Soon!
King of the Animal World Giant lizards show up on the beach to protect Zig from any harm. For them the hyena is at the top of the food chain and deserves some respect! Zig is delighted but his bodyguards have other plans... Coming Soon!
112 113 114 Bosom Buddies Why are the hyena and the hermit crab such good friends? It turns out that in the past a would-be "mama" raised them side by side...  Coming Soon!
Tourists A couple of tourists arrive by boat on the beach. For Marina, it is a great surprise: finally, new faces! But the tourists stiffen with fear when they see Sharko. Marina decides to disguise him to make him cute. Coming Soon!
Teacher's Pet Marina decided to have a school on the beach with her young sea creature friends as some students. Zig and Sharko decided to be students too. Coming Soon!
115 116 117 Rolling, Action! To trap Marina, Bernie organizes a movie shoot where Zig and the mermaid play their real life roles for the camera. Sharko is furious: he isn't selected for the cast! But Bernie is going to take his director's job too seriously. Coming Soon!
Buzzing Around Marina is in her castle. Everything is calm and luxurious until an annoying fly spoils the atmosphere. Sharko has a hard time helping Marina get rid of it. That's when Zig and Bernie show up, disguised as exterminators... Coming Soon!
Unicorn Blues Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
118 119 120 Tinky Toys Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
The Invader An alien shows up on the beach. His mission: capture Marina incognito. Except Bernie spots him, then he does his alien thing: he takes on the crab's appearance and locks the real Bernie inside his spaceship... Coming Soon!
Daddy Dearest There is an egg, all alone on the beach. Marina takes charge: someone must sit on the egg until it hatches. She asks Zig to do this, but the hyena fails miserably. Sharko must take over this huge responsibility... Coming Soon!
121 122 123 Lost in the Jungle During one of their epic chases, Zig and Sharko get lost in the jungle. In this harsh and dangerous environment the two enemies will have to put their differences aside and work together. Coming Soon!
Daddy Little Doggy Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Marina Goes Farming Marina launches a silkworm farm. The hitch? There’s an intruder in her stock: Zig disguises himself as a cocoon- what a monster! Coming Soon!
124 125 126 Hair Do Hair Don't Marina has split ends and tries a miracle mask, but her hair grows excessively long. Impossible to style without professional advice! Zig is more than happy to provide that… Coming Soon!
High on the Mountain Top Marina’s new obsession? Climb to the top of the volcano! Sharko isn’t keen but Zig presents himself as a Tyrolean mountain guide. Sharko has to adapt to mountaineering… Coming Soon!
The Mummy A pyramid is discovered on the beach! Marina races inside. Zig and Sharko follow. Marina finds a chamber with a very friendly mummy, while Zig and Sharko get hammered by endless booby traps … Coming Soon!
127 128 129 Movie Night Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
That Sinking Feeling Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
Teen Rebels Zig finds an old skateboard in a crate. It awakens memories, taking him back to when he, Bernie, Sharko and Marina were teenagers, and all they only cared about were stunts on wheels… Coming Soon!
130 131 132 The Moo Can Bernie invents a funny toy: a “Moo Box”. Totally useless – only Marina thinks it’s fantastic! The Moo Box turns out to be an excellent trap… But Sharko wants one of those little boxes for himself! Coming Soon!
The Heist Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
An Evil Panda Hades is determined to seduce the mermaid yet again. But he’s just not her type… So, to approach to his beloved, he changes into an irresistible giant Panda. Zig and Sharko are suspicious – but too late! Coming Soon!
133 134 135 Playtime “Childhood days…” Once upon a time, little Zig, Sharko and Bernie got on like a house on fire, until a gorgeous little mermaid turned up and changed the rules. Marina entered their lives! Coming Soon!
LOL Zig A chase between Zig and Sharko ends with the hyena getting covered in pizza. Marina takes a picture and posts it on social networks. Unexpectedly, the photo makes Zig the star of the beach. Coming Soon!
High Wired Marina aims to enter the Book of Records by tightrope-walking the longest distance ever. Sharko is terrified of heights… Zig sees an opportunity to nab the mermaid, beyond the shark’s reach! Coming Soon! 
136 137 138 A Three Pronged Disaster Marina thinks she’s getting her very own magic trident from her dad on her birthday. Instead, Poseidon gives her a silly gift and falls asleep. Marina brazenly seizes the Ocean King’s Trident… and creates total havoc. Coming Soon!
Boing! Boing! A cargo-plane drops its cargo over Zig and Bernie’s home: countless crates filled with trampolines! Perfect equipment for a mermaid hunt… a bouncy ride is ahead! Coming Soon!
Little Train, Big Adventure Marina is fascinated by train models. Zig and Bernie turn up with a miniature train that actually works. Marina climbs aboard with Sharko, who bars Zig and Bernie from the trip. How can they catch up? Coming Soon!
139 140 141 Red Light, Green Light Sharko wins a game of Red light, Green light. Marina gives him a kiss. That was fun! Sharko takes her place as ‘it’… but uh oh, this time he has to keep an eye on Marina PLUS Zig and Bernie … Coming Soon!
The Fall Zig uses a human-cannonball stunt starring Marina as the ball, aiming to fire her into his cargo-plane. But Sharko is watching over her. The canon explodes and shoots all three of them into space. A long fall back to Earth ensues, full of surprises. Coming Soon!
Zig Top Chef Sharko is a hopeless cook. He decides to train with the best chef on the island: Zig! They get busy with pots, pans, fresh ingredients and exotic herbs. Marina’s right there, eager to taste every dish. But she’s the one dish Zig wants to taste... Coming Soon!
142 143 144 Miss Beach When Sharko enters Marina in a beauty pageant, Zig decides to participate aswell by cross-dressing as a woman. Coming Soon!
Catch You on the Rewind After a combination of circumstances, Zig manages to EAT the mermaid! Sharko is devastated, but learns that Hades has a remote device, which means you can revert time! How far must he rewind to bring his beloved back to life? Coming Soon!
Dance of the Vampire Sharko and Marina are watching a vampire movie, which spooks them. Zig and Bernie decide to use vampire tactics to terrify Sharko and kidnap the mermaid. But it’s not easy playing Dracula… Coming Soon!
145 146 147 Front Runner A plane flies above the wreck and loses its own cargo… ponies! Wow! Zig dreams of nabbing the mermaid on horseback and galloping into the sunset. Only he can’t stay in the saddle. Sharko is just as hopeless on horseback… Coming Soon!
The Power of Attraction A crate full of magnets drops out of a plane, crashing to the ground in front of Zig and Bernie. Magnets fly out, ‘nailing’ the two buddies to the sides of the cargo-plane. Bernie has a brainstorm: he’ll make a lovely magnet-necklace to ‘attract’ Marina! Coming Soon! 
Choice Morsels Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
148 149 150 Bubble-Gum Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
VeggieZig Bernie - disheartened by Zig’s ever-ridiculous, vain attempts to catch the mermaid – resolves to put an end to such pathetic demonstrations. With Sharko, he decides to use a pendulum to hypnotise Zig, and persuade him to go vegetarian… Coming Soon!
The Curse A mummy tries – unsuccessfully – to sell charms and knick-knacks on the beach. When the mummy sees Zig (in dreadful shape), it thinks it has found the perfect pigeon, and fobs off a ‘magical’ talisman. Coming Soon!
151 152 153 DIY Sharko & Invisible Zig A mummy tries – unsuccessfully – to sell charms and knick-knacks on the beach. When the mummy sees Zig (in dreadful shape), it thinks it has found the perfect pigeon, and fobs off a ‘magical’ talisman. Coming Soon!
Game, Set and Match Sharko plays ping-pong with Marina, winning every round. She walks off, fed up. Zig challenges Sharko to a game of… tennis! But Bernie’s court lines on Sharko’s side are a l-o-n-g way away, giving Zig ample time to nab the mermaid… Coming Soon!
Heat Wave When Hades is in the shower, the volcano-boiler conks out – no hot water. Annoyed, he decides to repair it himself. Under the beach (and on it), Sharko chases Zig… who chases Marina. Same old story, only the ‘boiler’ bursts and the volcano goes haywire… Coming Soon!
154 155 156 The Proposal After finding a lovely ring on the beach, Sharko decides to declare his love to Marina. But his heart and his brain don’t agree on strategy, and (as usual), Zig is determined to ruin everything… Coming Soon!
Disco in the Dark Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
The Toothpaste Sharko must find a way to control his bad breath around Marina after Zig feeds him stinky cheese. Coming Soon!

Season 3

# Title Synopsis Happy Ending Characters
157 Welcome on Board Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
158 The Whale Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
159 Storm at Sea Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
160 The Titanic Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
161 Karaoke Night Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!
162 Coming Soon! Official Description to be available... Coming Soon!


Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD)

Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD)

Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 2 (HD)

Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 2 (HD)