The Octopus Masseur is a recurring character in the series. He appears the most out of all recurring characters. He debuts in "Desert Island Drought".


The Octopus Masseur is Sharko's ping pong opponent and a friend of Sharko and Marina. He is a masseur, a manicurist and a ping pong player. He can often be found helping Sharko or Marina.

He has a baby son who looks similar to him, except much smaller and with a big tooth. In Babysitting, Marina had to babysit his son. He also has a wife in Hair Story, who is a purple octopus with yellow hair/wig. It is shown that the Octopus Masseur likes ice cream floats in Caution, Genius at Work!.


The Octopus Masseur is pink and has green eyes and eight arms.


The Octopus Masseur appears in: